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I'm saying I'm good, but that's exactly what someone who wasn't good would say to persuade you otherwise. Classic mind game.

Take it from people I've worked with instead. They know what they're talking about.

"A naturally talented copywriter, Poppy shows a talent for her craft that is rare to find and impossible to teach. Just as gifted at coming up with ideas as she is at executing them, she’s a joy to work with and given the opportunity, I’d do it again in a flash."

Ash Billinghay,
Senior Copywriter @ Storycatchers

"Poppy makes writing copy look effortless. But we all know it isn’t. I worked alongside Poppy on a large number of international household brands and every piece of writing, no matter how dull the topic, was polished-perfect, slick, and sexy. One of the finest writers I’ve ever met."

Nathan Bickerton,
Account Executive
& Contributor @ VICE

"Finding a copywriter that compliments a designer so well is hard to come by, but working with Poppy is a joy and she nails the brief every single time. She's highly skilled and has an exciting future ahead. I look forward to all future projects that I get the pleasure of working on with Poppy. "

Emily Stancer,
Senior Designer @

"I've worked with a fair few copywriters before but Poppy is one in particular that I'll remember for being incredibly talented and adaptable for all kinds of briefs.


I've seen her work on complex agency briefs from PR blogs to ad copy. She's also the genius behind the words for Skyhi Creative where she has completely brought my idea to life through her magic, and I will 100% want to work with her again. 

Would I recommend her? In a heartbeat."

Amy Kilner,
Creative Director @
SkyHi Creative
& prev. Creative Lead @
Rise at Seven

"If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter, Poppy is great! One of the best we’ve worked with."

Carrie Rose, 
CEO @ Rise at Seven

Luke Cope,
Content Marketing Director @
Bottled Imagination

"Poppy is such a gifted copywriter who can turn her hand to pretty much any form of copy. She’s also extremely likeable and can work in conjunction with different teams and skillsets.

Poppy made me write this."

(I did no such thing)

"Poppy makes channeling a brand's tone of voice look easy. I've worked with her across social media, website copy, advertising and everything in between. Incredibly talented and fun to work with, you need Poppy on your team."

Charlotte Higgins,
Marketing Executive @ Journey Further

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