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Want words? 

I'll give 'em ya. Providing they come under one of the following genres.

I'm not ghostwriting your young adult zombie novel, and that's the last I'll say on the matter.

Branding & tone
of voice

Not in love with the voice of your brand? Wish it sounded friendlier? Funnier? Fancier? 


Your tone of voice is vital. It can connect you to the right audience, keep that audience around longer and make your brand instantly recognisable from just one sentence. 


I’ve worked with brands who are just starting out, helping them to find and develop their voice from scratch. I’ve tweaked existing tones of voices for brands who want a switch up.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your branding journey, I’d love to help you make your voice more you.

Website copy

Take a second. Look at your surroundings. What are you reading right now? A website, that’s what. And if you got all the way to this page, something clearly caught your eye. 


The words you put on your website can make or break you. Make it too boring, and people will click away to find something better. Too flowery and they won’t understand what you’re there to give them.


I’ll find the perfect balance, hooking them in with a line that they can’t look away from, and keeping them there with engaging copy that will tell them exactly what you have to offer them


A creative copywriter’s dream, some say. Turning big concepts into memorable lines can put your brand firmly in the public consciousness, making your name bigger than ever. And it’s also really fun to write. 


Want a massive name? I don’t blame you.


I’ll take your ideas and present the message in the most effective way. I’ll even help you ideate the ideas from scratch, coming up with a copy-led concept that’s bound to get people talking (in a good way). 


C’mon, let’s replace those Piers Morgan bus ads with something actually good.

Copy without
a category

Not everything fits neatly into a category. That’s just how the world works; get over it. I’ll write (and read) all sorts of other words for you to pique the interest of the public.


Boilerplate descriptions to put on marketing materials and point readers straight in your direction. Social media bios or captions that make you stand out to the scrollers. Words that work beautifully with the work of a great designer. Scripts for voice overs, TV or radio ads that are music to listeners’ ears. Proofreading content within an inch of its life to make sure everything's said exactly how you want it to be. Blogs, paid ad copy, straight up puns. 


Put simply in a way I apologise in advance for: if it’s to do with copy, it can be done by Poppy.

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